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Delia Haro is a Los Angeles based florist who’s put her heart and soul into floristry for over 30 years. To Delia Haro, arranging flowers is not just a business or career, it’s a way of life and is her ultimate purpose.

She is a master at her craft by way of her unique ability to connect with others through flowers to provide them a sense of joy, healing, and inspiration. “Personally, flowers take me to a happy place, and I feel it’s my purpose to bring that same passion and connection to others.”

She takes her time in getting to know her customers resulting in an original and personalized arrangements unique to the occasion, individual, or group of people. “The best reward is when my customer says, ‘that’s exactly what I wanted’ once they see what I put together for them.”

Delia’s personalized approach has grown her business to be successful as it’s based purely on referrals. “I have customers that have been with me for a lifetime! I find myself arranging flowers for a baby shower and then years later I’m doing a Prom corsage for that very same baby who’s grown up!”

The Journey Begins Here

Her path in floristry began as a young teenager in high school but did not take off until a decade later. “I was going through a divorce and taking care of my kids and parents, so naturally I turned to my passion in floristry as a way to begin healing.”

This was the fuel that would fire up a blossoming career path in floristry. She was able to connect with a mentor and started arranging flowers at a local grocery store. That later opened other windows of opportunities including a 12-year floral position at a funeral home.

“Flowers are what helped me heal and go through my divorce and I want to bring that same healing and inspiration to others through my flowers.”

Delia would always find herself doing flower events on the side that ultimately led her to being the proud business owner of Delia Haro Floral.

Products & Services

With over 30 years’ experience, you better believe that Delia has arranged flowers for any occasion and event imaginable. Her arrangements include wedding bouquets, flower crowns, centerpieces, angel wings, ceremonial flowers, or any other arrangement you have in mind.

Averaging about 20 weddings and funerals per year, Delia offers a plethora of services such as prom, birthdays, retirement, graduation, galas, photo shoots, quinceaneras, anniversaries, and so much more.

Delia’s process of arranging flowers for various events is unique to each individual and event. However, no matter the occasion you can count on Delia to:

Get to know you
Learn about your event
Understand what you want
Understand what you don’t want
Create a vision board (if necessary)
Solidify transportation logistics of flowers
Work with you on a payment method or plan

Delia is one of the few florists who will travel for your event. She’s gone as far as Nevada, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and northern California for her customers.

Giving Back

What happens to all the flowers after a huge event? Good question! Delia will take all her flowers she done for a big event and donate them to senior homes.

“I know some seniors don’t have families that visit very often, so my hope is to provide some joy and relief by donating my flower arrangements.”

Delia also participates in the Cinderella Dreams Foundation each year. She provides free corsages and boutonnieres for teenagers who cannot afford their own for prom.


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